The bleu de Sèvres

Our emblematic blue, dark, deep and slightly purplish, has been the signature colour of the Manufacture's decorations since the 18th century and has since acquired international renown. It is a cobalt oxide blue, developed by the Manufacture's chemists around 1756 and applied in three successive layers, using flat brushes made of badger hair and a unique historical technique called "putoisage", which consists of tapping the surface to ensure perfect homogeneity of the deposited material.

Each layer of blue paint is dried in an oven, and then the whole piece is fired at 1360 degrees. Available in five different shades depending on the application technique and the number of layers (lavender blue, "granité blue", lapis blue, "nuagé" blue or Sèvres blue), our blue is most often associated with 24-carat gold to give the most emblematic combination of our decorations, whether classic or contemporary.

Even today, Sèvres blue is produced directly on site by the Manufacture's laboratory, which invents the colours and produces all the pigments used by our craftsmen. The laboratory's "colour room", which contains the entire inventory of available colours produced by Sèvres, contains almost 1,000!